We’re working hard to build a team of people who love what they do, whether they start the day with a “Job Box Talk” at sunup or stay up all night pouring 2000 yards of concrete. We’re busy in the field today with the following projects:

  • Acura of Wichita
  • Butler Rural Electric
  • CertainTeed Expansion
  • Don Hattan Derby
  • Fidelity East Harry
  • Fidelity El Paso Crossing
  • Fidelity Twin Lakes
  • Foley Site Expansion
  • Fox Ridge Retail
  • Kan Pak Mezzanine
  • Mini of Wichita
  • Porsche of Wichita
  • VCH 7SE
  • Via Chriti Behavioral Health
  • Viega Metal Fittings Expansion
  • Air Products (Various)
  • Learjet (Various)
  • Rubbermaid (Various)

Projects in progress are highlighted here.