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Project Spotlight: Sedgwick County Zoo Leopard Exhibit
We are thrilled to share that we are nearing completion on the new Amur Leopard Exhibit at the Sedgwick County Zoo! The exhibit consists of new observation, animal care and outdoor exhibit facilities. Located in the middle of the zoo, animals and visitors will enjoy four public outdoor exhibit areas featuring overhead animal transfer bridges between…
Conco Concrete Division
At Conco, we love to get into the details of our projects and our work to ensure the highest level of product delivery for our clients. That drive and intensity is exemplified in our Concrete Division. These guys are up well before dawn on major pour days and work as a collective, cohesive unit to…


Conco Construction is a construction company, plain and simple. We’re a full-time, 185+-person—and growing—team of construction professionals and in-house craftsmen. And we build to last.