Aaron Korte

Aaron Korte

Director of Field Operations

As Director of Field Operations Aaron Korte is responsible for getting all of Conco’s craftsmen in the right place at the right time. He’s also heavily involved in recruitment at the college level.

With a degree in Construction Engineering Technology from Pittsburg State University and just over a decade in experience at Conco, he’s got a lot to say to students about what Conco offers. “You get the satisfaction here of knowing what hard work and dedication will produce. There’s no last name on the door at Conco. You set your own career path based on performance and capabilities, not bloodlines.

Korte says he loves being in a position to build solid relationships throughout the company and into the community. “I believe Conco’s dedication to clients is unmatched. Quickly mobilizing and adapting to many different situations shows that we take every client’s needs seriously. And once the job is done we don’t just leave. We build the kind of relationships that bring about repeat business with most clients.”

Conco is resilient, Korte says. “Not a single person in this company backs down from a challenge. In fact, that’s when we thrive.”