Brent Russell

Brent Russell

Craft Manager

Brent Russell has been with Conco now for more than a decade. As a superintendent, he manages onsite field operations. Responsible for overseeing Conco crews and subcontractors, he says he really enjoys being in the field every day working with craftsmen.

Russell has a bachelor’s degree in Construction Science and Management from Kansas State University. He says working at Conco is both challenging and rewarding because everyone strives to exceed client expectations. He tells the story of working for a client on a plant shutdown alongside other general contractors. “We got a call in the afternoon about another contractor that had fallen behind on some of their work. We gathered a crew that had already worked all day and began work around 7 pm. The crew worked into the night and by early the next morning had gotten the other project back on schedule.

“We remain builders here,” Brent Russell affirms. “More general contractors are moving toward a managerial position. They don’t self perform any work. At Conco, we self perform the majority of our work. Being involved with all different aspects of the project is very rewarding.”