Katie Buresh

Project Coordinator

As the primary point of contact for Conco’s Facility Performance Group clients, Katie Buresh’s first priority is an immediate response. Open communication is key, she says, and that can mean followup calls, regular updates and weekly reports. Buresh is responsible for forecasting, budgeting and reporting. She keeps track of a performance client’s serviceable equipment, even keeping a service calendar to know when service is due. With Conco for more than a decade, she recognizes the value of working with good people and building solid relationships. Conco, she says, is boundless, because “we’re limited in what we can do only by a client’s imagination. We offer a complete spectrum of services. One call is all it takes to let our clients get back to work doing what they do best.  Our trustworthy team can handle all their maintenance or unsightly repairs with little to no disruption in their daily activities. We just make sense.”