Cool To Be Blue

Find out how cool it is to be blue.

Conco Construction’s “It’s Cool to be Blue” platform is an industry-leading initiative to return recognition to skilled labor or what we’ve all historically called “blue collar” careers. If you’re getting ready to make a vocational decision and you’re not sure college is for you or you want immediate earning power, we invite you to explore our Cool To Be Blue program.

You can grow at your own pace at Conco.

“We have a perception problem in this country. We support higher education, but college isn’t for everyone. In our company, we’re doing everything we can to make it strongly worth it—to make it cool—to choose to be blue.
— Craig Nelson, Conco Construction CEO/President


South Central Kansas suffers from a skilled-trade labor shortage. Many regional companies have immediate career openings that are not currently being filled. More than half the craftsman in America are older than 45 and nearly 20 percent are baby boomers getting ready to retire.

What is Cool to be Blue?

Cool to be Blue is an industry-leading program designed to promote extraordinary opportunities in the field of construction and provide a clear path to highly rewarding careers through on-the-job craft training.

Conco Construction offers fast-track learning opportunities for individuals interested in a construction career. If you’re interested in the skilled trades, but thought of blue-collar jobs as too hard, not glamorous enough or leftover, we want to talk to you.

Blue Opportunities

  • Fast-paced construction career growth
  • Hands-on exposure to all construction phases
  • Construction career path based on individual performance
  • Rigorous safety training

Grow at your own pace. Explore different career tracks.

If you like to work hard and want an opportunity to grow at your own pace, we want you on our team. You’ll get hands-on exposure to the entire construction process, mentoring and clear guidance.

Find out more today about a career in field-craft operations. Our Cool to be Blue program provides opportunities to learn the construction process with a built-in trajectory for a career ranging from carpentry, steel erection/iron work to heavy equipment, concrete and masonry operations.

Dillon Call

Dillon has moved from laborer to frame carpenter and sometimes now runs lead.

Start your blue career path.

Cool To Be Blue Career Path

At Conco, you’ll get a strong paycheck, great benefits, opportunities to grow and the pride that comes from building something bigger than yourself. We offer many reasons here to make a decision to be blue.

Who we are?

  • One of the top 10 general contractors in central Kansas
  • Founded 1975
  • Specializing in commercial and industrial construction
  • Best in class in the areas of quality and safety
  • Self-performing contractor

You’ll be a name, not a number here

  • Opportunities for fast-paced career growth
  • Career path based on individual performance
  • Hands-on exposure to all construction phases
  • Mentoring and guidance
  • Rigorous safety training

Get fast-paced career growth and great benefits

We support our employees with an exceptional work experience:

  • Health and dental insurance
  • Flex spending account
  • 401 (k) retirement plan (industry leading)
  • Vacation/holidays
  • Rigorous safety training
  • Life insurance
  • Training and development opportunities
  • Semi-annual performance reviews
  • Wellness program (health screenings/flu shots)

Want to know more about our Cool To Be Blue program?