Project Update: Vornado Warehouse Expansion

Rachel Hauber

Conco concrete crews recently placed and finished 60,000 square feet of slab on grade for the Vornado Warehouse Expansion in a single pour. Getting 1,100 cubic yards of concrete on the ground in 7 hours requires great vendors, seamless planning and fantastic team work. The pour started at midnight on Thursday and finishing crews worked through most of Friday. Structural steel will be starting next week and we have another 45,000 square foot pour coming up soon.


2019 Conco Legacy Scholarship Reception

Rachel Hauber

This week we celebrated our 2019 Conco Legacy Scholarship recipients at a reception with their families.


 Ms. Daniela Diaz-Sustaita · daughter of Form Carpenter Samuel Diaz-Loera

attending Wichita State University to study Media Arts – Animation

Ms. Magaly Sustaita · daughter of Concrete Finisher Jose Sustaita

attending Newman University to study Biology & Spanish

Ms. Mayra Leal Diaz · daughter of Concrete Finisher Jaime Leal Contreras

attending Wichita State University to study Dental Hygiene

Ms. Josie Buresh · daughter of Project Coordinator Katie Buresh

attending Newman University to study Biology & Mathematics

Ms. Lauren Kalp · daughter of Safety Manager Dennis Kalp

attending Washburn University’s School of Law

Mr. Hayden Kalp · son of Safety Manager Dennis Kalp

attending Washburn University to study Mass Media & Spanish

Ms. Miriam Leal · daughter of Concrete Finisher Jorge Luis Leal

attending Wichita State University to study Graphic Design

Ms. Taylor Janzen · daughter in law of Facility Performance Technician Kyle Janzen

attending Fort Hays State University to study Elementary Education


We are proud to have this wonderful group of students who are working hard to continue their education as part of our Conco family! We wish them all the best in their college careers!

Project Update: Botanica Carousel

Rachel Hauber

In spite of the rain our crews have been making progress on the Botanica Carousel building! Roof glass, storefront and overhead doors are being installed now in preparation for the carousel to arrive in early June. The carousel crew will work to assemble the nearly 100 year old machine as our team puts the finishing touches on the building. Once we’re finished with the building we will turn our attention to the site and the nearly 30,000 square feet of sidewalks that need to be placed! A lot left to do but our team is moving quick!

Project Kickoff – Fidelity Bank RISE: A Beacon of Progress

Rachel Hauber

We are so excited and honored to share the announcement of Fidelity Bank’s new expansion plan! The project includes a 505-stall Car Park and 10-story Tower and will take place in two phases. Construction will begin with the Car Park, a private parking garage for Fidelity employees that will also include 17,000 square feet of retail space. Phase two includes construction of a 135,000 square foot Tower, including a large rooftop green space, as well as a sky bridge connecting the two buildings. We are proud to partner with Fidelity Bank and Shelden Architecture and are looking forward to breaking ground soon!

Project Update: Central Community Church Chapel

Rachel Hauber

Things are moving right along at the Central Community Church Chapel. As you can see, Conco crews are currently working on stone and brick veneer. The beginning of June will bring paving, sidewalks and paver work, with landscaping to follow to complete the site work around the building.

Finishes on the inside have also begun, which will include a significant amount of specialty tile and also a unique wood panel ceiling system that covers the 50 foot tall ceilings in the main area of the wedding chapel. Stay tuned for additional photos of the exterior wedding courtyard on the north side of the new chapel!

2019 Conco Legacy Scholarship Recipients

Rachel Hauber

Thank you to all of our 2019 Conco Legacy Scholarship applicants!  Our team reviewed all the applications and selected the award winners from a highly qualified group! We are excited to share the list of 2019 Conco Legacy Scholarship award recipients:

Ms. Josie Buresh

Ms. Mayra Lizeth Leal Diaz

Ms. Taylor Janzen

Mr. Hayden Kalp

Ms. Lauren Kalp

Ms. Miriam Leal

Ms. Daniela Diaz-Sustaita

Ms. Magaly Sustaita

We are thankful to have so many fantastic college bound students who are part of the Conco family!

Project Update: Wichita Airport Authority Terminal Demolition

Rachel Hauber

After several months of utility relocations and interior salvage work, exterior demolition of the old Wichita airport terminal is officially underway! Over the next several months our team will be working on the structure demolition and backfill. Roughly 14,000 square feet of the west end of the building will remain in place. We will work throughout the summer to complete a full exterior renovation of this remaining building as well as an interior tenant finish on the 1st floor. After completion of demo, concrete paving will begin. This will allow the airport to add an additional airline gate on the new terminal. We’re excited to move forward on this project!

Project Kickoff: Tommy’s Car Wash

Rachel Hauber

We recently kicked off a unique project in west Wichita that will be the future home of Tommy’s Car Wash! A new franchise to the Wichita area, Tommy’s Express Car Wash is known around the country for the quality of their car wash equipment which allows them to give you a quality wash with minimal human interaction. The building’s exterior finishes will set it apart among competitors with its bright red metal panels and its arched stainless steel entry and exit. Along with the car wash, there will be several vacuum stations installed that will be free to use with a purchase of a wash! We’re excited to get this project moving and will be pouring foundation in the near future!

Project Update: ICM

Rachel Hauber


Our team is hard at work at ICM in Colwich, with around 250 people on site working to have the plant operational by mid-summer. Production has recently begun on the lower level of the Wood Chip Building, a large facility with 30 inch thick walls on two sides and a wall height of 30 feet in several areas. We will also be starting the scrubber, acid containment and gasifier foundations in the next month. We will continue to keep you updated as we work toward completion!

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