Our transition to a 100% employee-owned company

Dear Conconians:

Throughout 45 years of building what has become a best-in-class operation, I have been deliberate in acknowledging that you are the drivers for our success. Our structure as an employee stock-ownership program (ESOP) showcases that and will certainly accelerate your successes moving forward.

It was a natural progression of our culture to become an ESOP. And it is certainly appropriate that all hard-working Conconians get the reward for exceptional work.

I have tons of emotions about this. Building and leading a company for over 45 years will do that to you. So I’m thankful for the opportunity to challenge and inspire current and future Conconians.

To my executive team, I say the sky’s the limit. Opportunity abounds if we keep our principles intact and honor our value proposition for employees, clients and the professional partners with whom we work day in and day out. I trust you will continue to reinforce the fundamentals that brought us here and remain focused on this culture that upholds and values those we serve, both among our ranks and within our community of business partners.

To our managers and leaders, I say take advantage of this opportunity to continue to grow with the firm. We won’t be stagnant. We are committed to your development and respect what you will bring to the trajectory of success. Many of you are in the most enviable position of having years to build reputation and wealth.

I want our craft team to know how much I honor and respect you. I’ve been where you are, in the trenches laboring to build something bigger than myself. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate yourselves through the training programs we offer. It is not by accident that 4 percent of our annual payroll is dedicated to training, development and safety. This is an opportunity to change your stars. The ESOP is one more benefit to a total rewards package that was already industry leading. It creates a second retirement fund for you and your family.

If you are a business prospect reading this be assured you will be met by a highly motivated employee-owner team that cares about both the quality of the project and character of our performance. We believe our success is built on earning repeat business. Once a client, always a client is our objective and reward if we do our jobs well.

I can’t overstate the pride I feel from seeing Conco through this transition. But, above all, I have pride in each and every one of you. I have no doubt that the future of Conco is unbounded because of the talent, dedication and commitment that you bring to our project sites each day. The work I’ve seen over the past 45 years is transformational. It includes bright ideas, inspirational leadership and an undeniable level of devotion to the Conco legacy. I recognize that we would not be where we are today without your talent and I’m excited to see where you take us in the next 45 years.  

In the meantime, I’ll be the first to say that old habits die hard, and I’m excited to hold my seat at the table for the next many years. I look forward to continuing to lead and remain active on a daily basis, and thank you for digging down deep every day with me to find the iron to build.

D. Craig Nelson

President & CEO