It falls to me to write the afterword for this 2021 viewbook. That didn’t come about through a coin toss. As vice president of business development for Conco I believed from the beginning that the story of our transition to an ESOP is one worth telling. After all, it’s a pinnacle moment in our history of creating long-term value for those inside and outside our walls.

This is the inside story…a high-level account of the years and work of—or rather investment in—solidifying Conco’s success for decades to come. It’s the story of the employees who have always been our real bottom line.

This viewbook is a hats-off moment of respect for the principal builder who decided to graft all of us into the company he built with blood, sweat and, given the highs and lows of our industry, tears.

It took guts, sacrifice and not a little altruism to go down this road. On behalf of every Conconian, thank you, Craig. We continue to look to your leadership and I know I speak for the entire Conco community when I say I’m thankful you have no plans to ride off into the sunset.

It is now, however, our time to seize the mantle and write the next chapter of the story. It will require tenacity down to the youngest and newest Conconian to steward this remarkable opportunity we have all been given. I challenge every one of us to find and hold fast to an unwavering belief in ourselves and each other. Through our combined talent, grit and fortitude we can make a masterpiece of this ESOP.

Our chapter of this story will not be without its own challenges. I know we are up to the task. Our culture is tested and our values are strong. This moment has been over 45 years in the making and we are capable and ready.

So put your shoulders back, roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. We’re just at the beginning of our story and I cannot wait to keep turning the pages.

Kyle Blasdel

VP of Project Management & Business Development

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