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    Protect Your Brand

    We established the Facility Performance Group to offer facility services and building maintenance to help our clients protect their brand investment and maintain their buildings to last. Brick and mortar is an owner’s largest investment. A facility is also a living, breathing, aging object that can become inefficient, unproductive, costly, even embarrassing for an owner who cares about his brand.

    We established the Facility Performance Group to help our clients efficiently manage the lifecycle cost of their facility investment. We bring a total care, 360-degree perspective to the table to help your building or campus look like it did the day it opened and perform at the highest levels of integrity.

    Facility services are available to all our clients and to companies that need professional facility maintenance oversight. With 40+ years’ facility services and management experience for large clients, we’re intimately familiar with facility systems, how they work and how they need to be maintained to increase efficiency and life.

    24-hour Facility service and building maintenance and repair for our facility performance clients.

    Building maintenance • HVAC and plumbing maintenance • Electrical repairs • Door and hardware upkeep • Roofing repair and waterproofing • Concrete repair • Emergency repair • Quarterly audits to anticipate costly problems • Landscaping

    Make one call

    Facility Performance Group is a central point of contact (single source) for the client, a central hub for building maintenance project management. Think of us as command and control supporting the entire lifecycle of your facility service needs.

    We offer wide-ranging facility services and building maintenance and repair, using our own 185+-member team and carefully vetted subcontractors, from edge of the curb to top of the roof:

    • Repair
    • Upkeep
    • Renovation
    • Landscaping
    • Scheduled audits to proactively inspect facilities for problems that would cost more if left unattended

    Facility Service and Building Maintenance

    Customized facility service and building maintenance solutions freeing you to do what you do best

    We free service managers to get back to doing what they’re paid to do rather than searching for an emergency, possibly subpar facility service solution to a problem.

    Facility Performance Group caters to the client with lots of built-in flexibility. Every facility / building maintenance proposal is fully customized to a client’s unique needs. We offer two main points of contact for facility services clients, a project manager and in-house scheduler/coordinator, to make sure your call is fast-tracked.

    Our goal is your confidence. Contact Conco Construction Facility Performance Group today at 316-928-8501.

    Jordan Wiens
    Jordan Wiens, FPG Operations Manager
    Jordan Wiens